The Top Ten Ways You Know You Are A Superintendent of Schools

For 16 years, Joe Batory, was the superintendent of schools in the Upper Darby School District, the largest school system in Delaware County. He had oversight over 12 schools, nearly 13,000 students, 1000 staff members, and multi-million dollar annual budgets. In the style of CBS talk show host David Lettermen, Joe reflects humorously on his lengthy 16 year as a school leader.

The Top Ten Ways You Knew You Were A School Superintendent

10. You could always tell when it’s a full moon without ever looking outside

9. Your spouse wrote secret letters to the School Board requesting your dismissal.

8. You woke up every day at 3:00 AM to check for snow…even in the summertime.

7. You could always tell that there was a major problem at a school when television reporters were waiting to see you just outside your office.

6. Your job was listed in the job vacancy bulletin of the American Association of School Administrators and you had no idea how it got posted.

5. For all family dinners you felt the public’s need for transparency and invited the press.

4. You always sent your spouse into the liquor store to buy the wine and beer you needed for a party.

3. You were frequently and absurdly  asked: “What does a superintendent do anyway?”

2. Your name often appeared on the walls of the bathrooms in the administration building.

And finally…..The number one way you knew you were a superintendent…

  1. Your spouse’s regular greeting when you came home from a school board meeting was: “Should we start packing?”