Pennsylvania Government: A Study in Dysfunction!

Published by the Delaware County Daily Times February 16, 2016 Pennsylvania government is broken. The latest Franklin and Marshall poll (January 2016) indicates that citizens have given Pennsylvania’s government its lowest confidence ratings in more than 20 years. Not surprisingly, this latest poll indicates that two-thirds of Pennsylvania citizens (67 percent) believe things in the […]

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Corporate Privateers Running Amuck!

Published by the Delaware County Daily Times   January 8, 2014 By JOSEPH BATORY, Times Guest Columnist USA corporations regularly emphasize that their companies are driven by “quality performance.” In theory America’s business leaders are rewarded in proportion to their accomplishments for the company or corporation. Business roundtables of prominent executives have also even suggested that […]

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A Nation Led by Fiddle Players!

Published in the the Center City Concerned Citizens Review  October, 2015 By Joseph Batory It is a legend made famous by a host of Hollywood movies…..the Roman emperor Nero playing the fiddle while the city burned for six days in 64 AD. Nevertheless, that image of Nero with a fiddle lives on today amidst too […]

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Cutting Music and Art Programs in Public Schools Makes No Sense!

April 24, 2012 Published in the Delaware County Daily Times By Joseph Batory, Times Guest Columnist (Above:  Upper Darby High Schools magnificent 200+ voice choir performing with the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra in December of 2015) When school districts consider cutting music and art programs to save money, such action runs counter to an abundance of […]

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