The Lasallian Legacy

Reprinted with permission of the Delaware County Daily Times By Joseph Batory, Times Columnist 09/07/17 More than 400 years ago in France, a Catholic priest, Jean Baptiste de La Salle, was appalled that education was only for the aristocrats. So Jean Baptiste de La Salle founded the Christian Brothers, dedicated to quality teaching for all […]

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A South Philly Philosophy of Leadership

Published by the American Association of School Administrators By Joseph P. Batory    (Recipient of the Lifetime Distinguished Service Award from the American Association of School Administrators) One of the first telephone calls I received after becoming the superintendent in Upper Darby, Pa., way back in 1984 was from Guido, the neighborhood South Philadelphia bookie […]

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Joseph Batory’s Scholarships

In each of the past 30 years,  Joseph Batory has awarded scholarship assistance to a worthy and needy Upper Darby High School grad.    From 1984 to 1999, Joe was the award-winning superintendent of schools in the very diversely populated Upper Darby School District.  Upper Darby High School, one of the 14 schools in the […]

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A Runaway Train To Nowhere!!

Published in the Center City Concerned Citizens Review          April 2017 By Joseph Batory … charter schools provide convincing evidence that there are better ways to educate students….And yet, most traditional school districts either ignore or actively resist innovation…..Few public educators can imagine, let alone undertake, such dramatic change. It is hard to believe that the […]

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