The Cesspool

Published in the Center City Concerned Citizens Review   March 2019 By Joseph Batory One of Trump’s key campaign promises was that if elected president, he would “drain the swamp” In Washington. But his appointees and associates have turned out to be the biggest swamp load of unsavory characters ever… with numerous resignations, investigations, indictments and […]

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Musicopia 2019 “Inspire Award” Goes To Joseph Batory

Joseph Batory was the recipient of the 2019 Inspire Award at the reception of Philadelphia’s prestigious Musicopia organization Saturday at The Ethical Society in center city on Saturday, February 2.  The Musicopia Inspire Award annually recognizes one individual who has had a significantly positive impact on very large numbers of young people through music education. […]

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All About The Heart!!!

Published in the Delaware County Daily Times                                     March 21, 2019 By Joseph Batory. Times Columnist Dakota Meyer, the first living US Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since 1973 and one of the youngest ever, delivered […]

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Over the past two decades, I have sent more than 50 different op-ed pieces to The Philadelphia Inquirer for consideration.  Each time, I have received a polite response that the editors will consider what I have sent. But, after that, there has been only silence.  in summary, I am 0 for 50+ at The Inky […]

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