Basic Unfairness in the College Admissions Process

Published in Delaware County’s Daily Newspaper        Monday, September 16, 2019 By Joseph Batory One of the prevalent political talking points circulating across the USA is that the Justice Department needs to investigate and sue universities over affirmative action admissions policies which possibly discriminate in favor of minorities against white applicants. The theory […]

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The Key issues for the 2020 Presidential Election

Published in the Concerned Center Citizens Review                             September, 2019 By Joseph Batory The 2020 Presidential Election is approaching and the president along with some of the candidates running against him are already jockeying for political advantages using self-serving rhetoric and personal attacks. Amidst this type of  electioneering, the key issues facing America need to […]

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The Desecration of The Art Museum Area

Opinion  The Philadelphia Inquirer Made in America is ‘an ongoing atrocity’ for neighborhood residents By Joseph Batory  Sunday                                                 September 1, 2019 Most people who live in the Art Museum area purchased homes and condos there to be in an area of world-class museums and the green environment that surrounds them. Unfortunately, in recent years, the […]

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