Batory Scholarships

The Joseph P. Batory Scholarship has been awarded to Upper Darby High School graduates each year since 1988 1988: Autumn Carroll 1989: Phan Ong 1990: N.A. 1991: Dan Cherry, Joanne Begley (Tech) 1992: Jerome Cartmell, Kimberly Kehoe (Tech) 1993: Anthanasios Arsenlis 1994: Sophie Arsenlis 1995: William Ko, June Kalback (Tech) 1996: Rachel Shah 1997: Sandy […]

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The Republic in Trouble!!!!

Published in the Delaware County Daily Times May 6, 2020 By JOSEPH P. BATORY Too many Americans are relying for news these days on outrageous social media tweets and biased “television and radio talking heads” who repeatedly convey the messages of the politically powerful. And, much of this “planted information” is full of inaccuracies, fabrications […]

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