The “No Corporation Left Behind”Act

By Joseph P. Batory One of the worst examples of hypocrisy in the United States in recent times has been the never-ending stream of criticism and negativism about public education flowing from business and corporate leaders.  Round tables of business executives and a host of other self-anointed private sector individuals have consistently offered sophomoric solutions […]

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The Theatre of the Absurd

By Joseph Batory How politically pragmatic it has all been for so many elected officials and television talking heads, so far removed from the real world problems of schools and society, to scapegoat the very failures of American society onto the backs of public schools.   Indeed, it is the “Theatre of the Absurd” with politicians […]

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What Really Matters in Public Education

Published in the Delaware County Daily Times, September 24, 2013 By JOSEPH P. BATORY, Times Guest Columnist Politicians and media talking heads now have become the “self-anointed” experts on public education improvement. However, conclusions are often over-simplified and filled with half-truths and inaccuracies. And in most cases teachers and school administrators — those closest to […]

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PA Courts Lacking in Political Courage

Published in the Delaware County Daily Times. April 24, 2015 By Joseph P. Batory, Times Guest Columnist The decision of Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (April 21) to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the State of failing to adequately and equitably fund Pennsylvania public schools was no surprise. Over the years, Pennsylvania courts have consistently lacked the “political […]

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Political Insanity Prevails!

By Joseph Batory The lack of proper funding for Philadelphia’s public schools is a moral outrage resulting from political incompetence. There is no greater villain in this travesty that the senseless Republican dominated legislature in Harrisburg which for many years has overseen the decline in the State’s funding for public education from a 50% share to […]

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SRC-An Educational Disaster

By Joseph Batory While Bill Green is desperately trying to regain his seat as chairperson of the the State-imposed School Reform Commission (SRC) overseeing the city’s public schools, there is a much bigger issue here.This politically appointed board, with three members named by the Governor and two by the Mayor, has been a colossal failure and it […]

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