Ship of Fools

By Joseph Batory His faithful  cult is propped up by his power-worshipping political base, immutable grifters continuing to support his narcissism. This messiah has once again defined himself as the only one who can rise again to make America great again. USA citizens no longer have any need to read…or think… or analyze. Bizarre tweets […]

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Justice Finally Prevails

By Joseph Batory It has taken almost ten years for justice to prevail regarding public education funding in Pennsylvania, but it has finally happened. In 2014, the Education Law Center and the Public Interest Law Center had filed suit charging that the Pennsylvania Legislature had failed to uphold its Constitutional obligation to provide all children […]

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Happy Birthday, LaSalle!!!

By Joseph Batory In the 1600’s in France, education was something for the rich alone.  For those born into poverty or from working class backgrounds, it was a certainty that these children would never receive an education. But in the late 17th century, a Catholic priest, Jean Baptiste de La Salle, began doing the unthinkable.  […]

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