Public Education Improvement is not so simple!

By Joseph Batory (Reprinted with permission from the Delaware County Daily Times, 9/24/2013) Politicians and media talking heads now have become the “self-anointed” experts on public education improvement. However, their conclusions are often over-simplified and filled with half-truths and inaccuracies. And in most cases teachers and school administrators — those closest to reality — have […]

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A New Rung in Hell

By Joseph Batory   “…On a return to earth, Dante will almost certainly establish a new rung in hell for those who have attempted to obliterate public education. It is the most lied about, misrepresented story in America. Newsweekly magazines, mindless editorial pages, television exposes and televangelists have maligned public education with a ferocity that […]

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A Sad Legacy

By Joseph Batory It was one of those newspaper items on March 19, 2016 that most people just gloss over. Yet this news article is a terrible indictment of some past practice in the School District of Philadelphia. In 2011, the School Reform Commission which oversees the School District of Philadelphia fired one of its […]

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