Published in Delaware County’s Daily Newspaper            \ Monday, October 26, 2020 By Joseph Batory, Columnist The Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA) became law in 1975.  Through this legislation, the United States Congress approved federal financial support of up to 40% of the costs of implementation of the appropriate special education services for all children with disabilities […]

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My Academic Odyssey

By Joseph Batory Way back in June of 1960, I finished high school. I now saw three future choices:  One was to attend Philadelphia’s La Salle College (not then a university), which had accepted me for admission as a member of its class of 1964 (beginning in September of 1960); My second option was to […]

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What Really Matters in the Upcoming 2020 Election

Published in the Delaware County Daily Times        Saturday, September 5, 2020 By Joseph Batory, Times Columnist With the 2020 Presidential Election rapidly approaching, Americans need to steer away from personality worship, party loyalty, superficial sound bites, and meaningless slogans.  There are serious issues confronting America and voters need to demand that the new president focus […]

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God bless the school superintendents who need more help than ever these days in dealing with the Covid 19 crisis

By Joseph Batory As the superintendent of schools in the Upper Darby School District, the largest school system in Delaware County located just west of Philadelphia for 15 years, I had oversight over 12 schools, more than 12,000 students, 1000 staff members, and an annual budget approaching $100 million. As a result, I have tremendous empathy […]

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Batory Scholarships

The Joseph P. Batory Scholarship has been awarded to Upper Darby High School graduates each year since 1988 1988: Autumn Carroll 1989: Phan Ong 1990: N.A. 1991: Dan Cherry, Joanne Begley (Tech) 1992: Jerome Cartmell, Kimberly Kehoe (Tech) 1993: Anthanasios Arsenlis 1994: Sophie Arsenlis 1995: William Ko, June Kalback (Tech) 1996: Rachel Shah 1997: Sandy […]

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