Ship of Fools

By Joseph Batory

His faithful  cult is propped up by his power-worshipping political base, immutable grifters continuing to support his narcissism.

This messiah has once again defined himself as the only one who can rise again to make America great again.

USA citizens no longer have any need to read…or think… or analyze. Bizarre tweets from this “great one” provide all the “wisdom” anyone needs. Constant lying and distorting reality are his tools. When caught in a lie, just tell a bigger one. False statements are now “truth.”

In the tradition of fascists and other totalitarians, the news media have been proclaimed as “the enemies of the people.”

Ironically, it was a sophomoric “reality” television show years ago which greatly enhanced this supreme leader’s image as “self-made.” Of course, there was no mention that he had been propped up in a myriad of ill-advised initiatives, many on the verge of failing, by more than $400 million from his father. Likewise, his “record” of six bankruptcies and casino and hotel failures were conveniently ignored.

Many Christian evangelicals  and other faith-based groups have incredibly adopted him as their “role model,” truly worthy of support. So, this man’s despicable characterizations of women (he has called different women horse face; fat pig; dog; slob; disgusting animal; and degenerate) are now morally righteous!

Likewise, his documented philosophy re women has also become acceptable: You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women …I just start kissing them…I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. Grab them by the ****. You can do anything.”

In a nation made great by immigrants, current immigration has now been redefined by this demagogue as “an invasion of our country” by “thugs” and “animals.”

And telling an African American to “go back where you came from” reflects his desecration of America’s true national values and ideals.

In the view of this icon, the leadership (dictator) skills of war criminal Vladimir Putin are to be admired. We are to put aside the reality that this former KGB agent is currently trying to genocide the Ukraine.  And forget the fact that over many years Putin has imprisoned thousands, killed others, and squashed human rights on a monumental scale.

With regard to environmental protection, this wizard has omnisciently outlawed science. He has dismissed the National Climate Assessment Report developed by 300 world class scientists as a fantasy. These scientists have concluded that ignoring climate change outcomes will produce more dangerous disasters including killer hurricanes, floods, droughts, extreme precipitation, forest fires, and intense heat waves.

This cult leader has dismissed these scientists as out of touch with reality. He has classified environmental protection iniatives as needless activity.  And, not surprisingly, the corporate polluters and their well-financed political lobbyists and bought-off politicians among his supporters have applauded his “enlightened” actions.

Ironically, the results of this guru’s dictatorial ignorance regarding climate change are already being felt and will get much worse for future generations.  

Finally, this luminary’s supreme achievement was to create a bizarre myth of a stolen election (even though he lost by more than seven million votes), a powerful fairy tale to indoctrinate his minions despite having no evidence.  His demagoguery without any evidence incredibly brought thousands of foolish worshippers, many now imprisoned, to the National Mall for a seditious attack on the United States Capitol.

Nazi demagogue, Hermann Göring, bragged in prison after the WW II about how easy it was to control the naïve public: To get the people in line, just tell them they are being subjected to dangerous enemies who will challenge their personal freedom and threaten their country. This Nazi idea continues to be utilized here in the USA by this current mythical hero to load up naïve and fearful people onto his bandwagon of this fight against non-existent “enemies.”  

And so, the beat goes on!  This self-designated American savior sails on seeking new heights with his Ship of Fools.

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