Trump’s Definition of USA Greatness

Published on the national blog of

NYU Professor

Diane Ravitch 



By Joseph Batory

The man who received three million less votes that his presidential rival believes he has a mandate  “to make America great again” but what does this mean? 

1. America’s supposed “man of the people” leader has surrounded himself with a swamp full of ideological corporate bosses and multi-millionaires determined to pollute our environment, ignore the needs of the poor, dramatically increase corporate welfare, and ignore the needs of public schools. What wonderful gifts for America!

2. USA citizens no longer have any need to read…or think… or analyze. Bizarre hallucinatory tweets in the middle of the night by Trump provide all the “wisdom” anyone needs.

3. Constant lying and distorting reality is exemplary presidential leadership. When caught in a lie, just tell a bigger one. False statements are now “truth.”

4. In the tradition of fascists and other totalitarians, Trump has proclaimed the news media as “the enemies of the people” in America.

5. Immigrants according to Trump are likely to be rapists and criminals. So the Statue of Liberty should be dissembled and its copper sold to the highest bidder. And the phrase… “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” … is now considered to be anti-American.

6. Trump’s multiple bankruptcies and walking away from business failures and debts are the new definition of a “great businessperson.”

7. Foul mouthed men are now permitted to walk up to women and grope their genitals because “that is what women want.”

8. Military prisoners of war past and present are to now be considered as weak and cowardly for being captured.

9. Mocking physically disabled persons is now cool and amusing!

10. Promising to share “university” expertise in real estate seminars and delivering little or nothing of what was promised is an acceptable practice as long as you settle the lawsuit complaints with millions of dollars paid out of court.

11. The leadership (dictator) skills of Vladimir Putin, the former KGB agent who has imprisoned thousands, killed others, and illegally invaded countries as the dictator of Russia, are to be admired.

12. Insulting and bullying anyone who dares to disagree with you by calling them poisonous names has replaced courtesy and politeness which are signs of weakness.

13. It is perfectly acceptable to insult the parents of soldiers killed in action in service to their country.

14. It is OK to violate anti-trust laws as long as you pay the huge fines levied by the Federal Trade Commission.

15. It is OK to “short change” contractors, laborers and service workers who have done work for you. Just arrange for the settlement of lawsuits and have the courts seal the records.

16. Hiding your income tax returns is a great way to destroy transparency and honesty in government.

17. Cutting federal money to the National Institutes of Health for scientific research, for studying diseases, and for other medical issues is a wise idea. After all, science is “fake.”

18. Decreasing federal investment and support for public schools attended by 90% of our nation’s young people is the best way to improve education in the USA.

19. Drastic cuts in federal appropriations to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities will help to “dumb down” American society.

20. Health insurance is not important for poor people.

What a tragedy for the USA!!!!!!!!!

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