The New Definition of Moral and Ethical Behavior

Published in the Concerned Center City Citizens Review                               Philadelphia  PA

November  2018

By Joseph Batory

It is interesting that so many of President Trump’s loyal followers say that their leader stands for and advocates true American values.  But are the principles consistently demonstrated by Trump in any way reflective American ideals? A record of Trump’s values is below:

  1. Lying: Spokespersons for Trump  tell us that his false statements (documented at more than 4000 since he assumed office) are “truth.” One whooper: Trump has claimed to be a self-made millionaire; the truth is that his wealth originated and was continuously enhanced by his father’s silver spoon.
  2. Abusive Attacks: In bizarre presidential rants, Trump has regularly demeaned and insulted and mocked several hundred persons who have dared to disagree or challenge him via his daily tweets.
  3. Destroy the Environment: Trump continues to ignore scientific evidence of climate change and other threats to environmental protection. He has deliberately weakened the EPA which has begun removing anti-pollution regulations.
  4. Degrading Women: Trump has spoken from the “gutter” with his descriptions of women: Among his name calling of specific women has been: Horse Face; Dog; Crazed Lowlife; Fat Pig; Slob; Evil; Liar; Bleeding badly from a facelift; Extraordinary Low IQ; and, Bimbo.
  5. Questionable Sexual Behavior: Aside from the documented $130,000 payoff by Trump to silence adult film actress Stormy Daniels, there are more than 20 other women who have alleged sexual harassment/ abuse by Trump.  Not surprisingly, this is the man who once bragged that he could grab any women’s genital areas any time he wanted to because that is what women want.
  6. Destroy the Free Press: In the tradition of classic fascists, Trump has publicly proclaimed the news media as “the enemies of the people” …at least 200 times.
  7. Make up an Enemy To Scare The People: Immigrants according to Trump are likely to be rapists and criminals. So in the new world of Trump, the Statue of Liberty should be disassembled, and its copper sold to the highest bidder for profit.  And the phrase… “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” should be banned in the USA.
  8. Redefine Greatness: The leadership (dictator) skills of Vladimir Putin, the former KGB agent who has imprisoned thousands, killed others, and illegally invaded countries as the dictator of Russia, are now to be admired. Likewise, North Korea’s totalitarian Kim Jong Un, a murderous despot, is now considered to be a noble leader by Trump (“We fell in love!”).
  9. Bury The Truth: Trump’s hiding of his income tax returns is just one example of his disregard for transparency and honesty in government. Likewise, his long history of settling lawsuits with cash payoffs and having the courts “seal the records of what was paid and why” has kept the American public in darkness.
  10. The Master Plan: Huge tax breaks to the richest Americans have bought their support. That tax welfare for the wealthy required cutting federal money to the National Institutes of Health for scientific research, for studying diseases, and for other medical issues. After all, science is “fake.” Finally, enforcing drastic cuts in federal appropriations to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities will keep “dumbing down” American society so that the real power remains in the hands of “the few.”



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