Recipients-Joseph Batory Scholarships

Joe Batory has never forgotten growing up poor in Philadelphia.  When he achieved career success, he resolved to “give back.” Since 1988, a worthy and needy Upper Darby High School grad has annually received some scholarship assistance from Joe.

Recipients of Scholarship Assistance personally funded by Joseph P. Batory

1988: Autumn Carroll

1989: Phan Ong

1990: N.A.

1991: Dan Cherry, Joanne Begley (Tech)

1992: Jerome Cartmell, Kimberly Kehoe (Tech)

1993: Anthanasios Arsenlis

1994: Sophie Arsenlis

1995: William Ko, June Kalback (Tech)

1996: Rachel Shah

1997: Sandy Nguyen, Nicole Bateman (Tech)

1998: Aleksandra Mozdzanowska, My My Phan (Tech)

1999: David DiValerio, Marc McGlensy (Tech)

2000: David Urban

2001: Matthew Curry

2002: Lauren Perotti

2003: Michael King

2004: Brian Brittingham

2005: Sehris Khawaja

2006: Kimberly Young

2007: Evdokia Metaxas

2008: Devinson Philippe

2009: Primas Das

2010: Jackie Lai

2011: Nicholas Severino

2012: Hao Phung

2013: Mohammad Hussain

2014: Sheharyar Ansari

2015: Asad Ansari

2016: Jannatul Ferdaus

2017: Rajhed Kurbaj

2018: Mubasher Ansari

2019:  Michael Duman

2020 Aisha Omer

2021 Derrick Mathis

2022 Darrah Wahner

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