The January 6 Fools…Prompted by a Deranged President who could not face losing an election!

The Republican National Committee’s has absurdly defined the January 6 seditious attack on the Capitol as “legitimate political discourse” in the USA. That blanket statement indicates that integrity, honesty and principle no longer exist in the Republican Party.

Inventing Reality: Nazi demagogue, Hermann Göring, bragged in prison after the WW II about how easy it was to control the naïve public: To get the people in line, just tell them they are being subjected to dangerous enemies who will challenge their personal freedom and threaten their country. This successful Nazi idea was that naïve and fearful people would always jump on the bandwagon of whoever is leading this fight against “enemies,” even when these “enemies” are invented (and therefore non-existent). That Nazi strategy has been and continues to be utilized today by Republican demagogues to create a non-stop flow of exaggerated lies as the very effective way to control and motivate naive lemmings.

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