Contrary to political propaganda, Presidents are not the wizards of the economy!

Blaming the President is convenient but naive and incorrect!

USA citizens are regularly told by political operatives of both parties that when the United States experiences economy growth, it is the direct result of the brilliant strategies and policies of the chief executive in the White House.  Likewise, when the economy tanks, presidents are faulted.

However, this idea that the Biden White House is driving/controlling the 2022 USA inflation is just political propaganda/nonsense. That’s because the economy is affected by many more complicated forces beyond some wizard in the White House waving a magic wand to benefit America.

Presidents do not unilaterally make or break our complex economy. The White House certainly plays a part but so does Congress which has more influence than the President, and the Federal Reserve, but that government influence is still not the only player in the U.S. economy.

Supply and demand worldwide, private sector strategies and policies, and inflation and business/trade cycles affect the economy.  Global activities outside the USA clearly impact our economy, and the successes or failures of multinational companies or nations that rely on overseas markets can also drive the economy one way or the other. 

The reality is that beyond the president, when the economy grows or declines, there have usually been complicated interactions of internal and external factors/circumstances way beyond the reach of the White House. Like rainwater pouring down on a roof from many sides, any economic storm is way beyond the influence of some supposed presidential wizard and creates its own complicated pathways which can lead to cycles of upturn and downturn.

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